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The Adjunct Office of the Vice President for International Affairs

This office is responsible for leading and executing the University's international relations policies. This means, among other things, representing the University before international agencies and institutions, managing exchange programs for students and academics, attracting foreign students and promoting the internationalization of the University.

Vice President for International Affairs: Lilian Ferrer 



Units of the Adjunct Office of the Vice President for International Affairs

Office of the Executive Director

The unit in charge of managing the Office of the Vice President’s administrative, economic and financial affairs. It also channels policies and directives from the University's leadership about human and economic resources and infrastructure, as well as supporting projects and activities undertaken by the Vice President for International Affairs.

Ana María Sepúlveda

Executive Director


Office of Global Education

The unit in charge of offering and coordinating international mobility opportunities aligned with the profiles of graduates, while driving special programs to increase UC's visibility and to respond to the interests and needs of current and potential partners. It also supports the comprehensive inclusion of global citizens at UC and of the UC community abroad in order to form future school ambassadors that will enhance the University’s reputation around the world; and to internationalize the training experience of all the members of the UC Community.

Maribel Flórez

Director of Global Education


Office of Partnerships and Development

The unit in charge of enhancing collaboration links with international partners through active participation in cooperation networks and efficient management of associated administrative processes. It also leads and supports the UC community in the internationalization process, facilitating access to relevant information at different levels and positioning programs, academic units and centers. Furthermore, it develops new and innovative activity models with international partners, contributing to the economic sustainability of UC’s internationalization push.

Ana María Sepúlveda

Director of Partnerships and Development


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