UC Faculty

I am a Professor at a foreign university and I would like to do an internship at UC. What are the steps I should consider to be able to do this?

UC offers a variety of funds and scholarships so that UC Faculty can invite guest professors to do an internship at UC. For this to be possible, you must first contact the corresponding UC academic Unit that will in turn guide you throughout the process.

Which are the funds and scholarships available to do internships abroad?

You can check all available funds and scholarships on the Funds and Scholarships webpage
UC Vice-presidency for Research also offers funding options to pursue projects and activities abroad. These are available on this link

I am in charge of an ongoing research project and I am UC Faculty. Where can I find funding options for this project?

UC Vice Rector of Research (VRI) offers a range of funds that are available for research projects. For more information regarding funds, details of the processes and application dates, please visit VRI’s webpage here.

The Academic Unit where I work is interested in working on a formal agreement with a foreign university. What are the steps that need to be taken in order to have that agreement signed?

In order to negotiate a formal agreement with a foreign institution, the corresponding Academic Unit must contact UC International Relations Office. They will analyze and guide the process until the agreement is formally signed.

What are the existing international agreements?

The list of existing international agreements can be found on this link.

I am interested in doing a sabbatical abroad. What are the requirements to do this and the steps that need to be considered?

UC Academic Vice Rector, through the Department of Academic Development, is the unit that authorizes the sabbaticals requested by the different Academic Units for their faculty. For more information regarding the Funds for the Support of Sabbaticals Abroad, please visit the following link

I would like to be part of any of the specialization programs abroad. Is there any type of funding for this type of applications?

Currently, UC offers the Iberoamerica Scholarships Program for Young UC Professors and Researchers whose main objective is to boost the mobility and exchange of students and professors between Ibero-American universities. For more information, visit the Santander Iberoamerica Scholarship webpage