Medicine Internships

All international students interested in participating in UC School of Medicine’s Clinical Rotations Program are encouraged to apply and participate according to the procedures, requirements and indications provided by School of Medicine’s International Cooperation Office:

 Rotations Language of Instruction in Spanish only.

 Rotations minimum length of stay of 4 week and maximum of 16 weeks (duration restrictions may apply).

 Applicants may indicate up to 3 preferences, but will only be accepted in one single specialty.

 Number of spots available per specialty may be prior-checked here

o Note: Spots per specialty may be subject to changes according to each department. In those cases, the International Cooperation Office will advise the students about alternative departments, specialties and dates.

 Applications dates depends of the Term on which the rotation will begin:

o Term I (January to July): September 1st to September 31st of previous year of rotation.

o Term II (July to December): May 1st to May 30th of the same year of rotation.

 Every application is reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

 All accepted students must bring their own health insurance.


o Administrative fee (mandatory to all applicants):USD $120

o Tuition fee: check table below



 Tuition Status

Student's Home Insitution has a Specific Exchange Agreement with UC's School of Medicine

Student Exempted from Tuition payment

Administrative Fee mandatory

 Student is participating within the IFMSA-Chile program, Universitas 21 Health Sciences Group or ECFMG GEMx Network

 Student Exempted from Tuition payment.

Administrative Fee mandatory

 Student's Home Institution has not a Specific Agreement

 Student Liable for Payment: $500 USD.

Administrative Fee Mandatory

Cost regardless of clinical rotation duration.

 Student is not applying through IMFSA-Chile program, Universitas 21 Health Sciences group or ECFMG GEMx Network

 Student Liable for Payment: $500 USD

Administrative Fee mandatory

Cost regardless of clinical rotation duration



 For any further details: International Cooperation Office Website