Study Abroad (free mover)

If you are a student from a foreign university which does not have a bilateral exchange agreement with Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (UC) and you want to apply to take courses at UC for one or two semesters as a Study Abroad (free mover) student, you can find all the details on how to apply here.


Through this modality, each UC credit costs USD$130. Considering that most of the courses at UC have 10 UC credits the cost per one 10 UC credit course taken will be USD$1300, and the final amount to be paid will depend on the amount of UC credits taken in one semester plus the Administration and services fee.

Administration and services

There is an additional payment of USD$300 per semester related to Administrative and Service-related costs (issuance of the Academic Certificate, use of computer labs and the UC Library Network).

Restricted areas of study

  1. Music: only theoretical courses available
  2. Health areas: Medicine has a Clinical Rotations Program and a limited number of courses. More information here (Spanish only). Odontology closed; Nursing open only for specific agreements; Health Sciences (Nutrition, Phonoaudiology and Kinesiology) are closed for practical courses or internships and open for regular courses only on a case by case evaluation.
  3. Economics and Management Sciences: course available only to students fulfill the courses requirements.
  4. Psychology courses: available only to second to fourth-year students.
  5. Biological Sciences: Marine Biology courses not available.
  6. Arts courses: Arts courses are only available to students who come from Arts-related programs. Students insterested in taking "Taller" or workshop courses at UC Art School must know that the materials needed for some Art classes must be purchased directly by the students and that the average expense may be $100.000 to $150.000 (CLP) for each course.
  7. Architecture: Due to limit capacity in the courses, the School only offers 25 spots for all candidates interested in applying to the School of Architecture. The school will carefully select the best 25 candidates based on their academic records and portfolio. Applicants must upload a 2 letter-size summarized portfolio in PDF format. The only available courses for exchange students are: “Taller de Proyectos” (for 1st to 3rd-year students) / “Ejercitacion” (for 4th to 5th-year students) / Elementary courses and “OPR” electives (2 max.). The following courses are NOT available to exchange students: “Aulas de Título” (Final Project) / “Taller de Investigación”, “Práctica de Obras” and “Práctica Profesional”. The materials needed for some Architecture classes must be purchased directly by the students. The School of Architecture reserves the right to refuse admission. 
  8. Communications: Journalism courses are not available for exchange students.
  9. Sports Courses: students must bring their own equipment according to the sport of their choosing.
  10. Dentistry courses.
  11. Performing Arts: students who are interested registering for practical courses at the school of Performing Arts must attach a personal video showing a scene and a monologue in Spanish.


  • International students must show a good mastery of Spanish. Students whose mother tongue is not Spanish must have B2 level (according to CEFR) of Spanish proficiency at the moment of applying.
  • The minimum required GPA for applying is 3.0 (or its equivalent).
  • The students must be authorized by their home university to apply to the Study abroad in order for their application to be considered.

Online Application Dates

  • 1st Semester (from the beginning of March to mid-July) Application deadline: September 30th of previous year.
  • 2nd Semester (from the beginning of August to mid-December) Application Deadline: March, 15th of the current year.

Online Application Instructions

Please check the instructions to apply online here.


In order for you to apply to the Study Abroad program, you need to comply with the following steps:

1. Read the area restrictions that apply to your exchange program.

1.1 In this weblink you will find a reference list of courses that may have slots availability for Study Abroad students. Final course registration will depend on courses pre-requirements and courses slots availability.

2. Carefully read the following instructions before completing your application form:

a. The online application will require to upload the following documents:

i. Official Transcript of Records (updated).

ii. Presentation Letter issued by the International Office of your University.

iii. Updated Spanish Proficiency Certificate (level B2 according to CEFR). This is required ONLY IF YOU ARE NOT A NATIVE SPEAKER OF SPANISH).

iv. Scanned copy of passport valid for the entire exchange period. 

v. Photograph in JPG format of 20 to 60KB on a clear background.

vi. Architecture students: Exchange students applying to take Architecture School courses need to upload a 2 letter-size pages (4 sides) in their online application. 

vii. Theatre students: Exchange students applying to take Theatre courses need to upload a video of a scene and monologue in Spanish. 

viii. Academic accommodations form (pdf template)


b. Once the application is properly filled in, click on “Send”. A new window will open where your application number will show. Here you will be able to retrieve your application confirmation as a PDF file.


c. The system will automatically generate a form in PDF format with the information you submitted. This will be generated only once. Do not forget to have Acrobat Reader properly installed in your computer. If you do not have it, you can download it here.


d. You will be receiving an email with a Dropbox invitation with your name on it. Check if the documents uploaded online were correctly saved in your Dropbox folder.


e. After the application deadline, the access to the Dropbox folder will be removed. 

3. The information you submit through the online form will only be valid once we check your documents were saved correctly in your Dropbox folder. 



4. Apply here! 



First semester (March-July): results will be informed by email within October of the previous year.

Second semester (August-December): results will be informed by email within March of the current year.

Academic Calendar

UC organizes its academic year in two semesters:

  • 1st Semester: from March to July
  • 2nd Semester: from August to December 

Academic Calendar for Academic Year 2022 (tentative)

You can check the Academic Calendar corresponding to the academic year 2022 by clicking here


Please check FAQS about the online application here