Please check reference information concerning the costs related to your stay in Santiago and at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile here:

Regular Courses

Through this modality (Study Abroad), each UC credit costs USD$130. Considering that most of the courses at UC have 10 UC credits the cost per one 10 UC credit course taken will be USD$1300, and the final amount to be paid will depend on the amount of UC credits taken in one semester plus the Administration and services fee.

Administration and Services

There is an additional payment of USD$300 per semester related to Administrative and Service-related costs (issuance of the Academic Certificate, use of computer labs and the UC Library Network).

Special Courses

There is a series of special courses offered by the university that are designed according to areas of study, contents and time frames. The cost per chronological hour will depend on the number of students per group.

Spanish Courses

Foreign exchange students can take Spanish courses (grammar) at UC, there are pre-semester courses (intensive) and semester courses, the cost 2021 of the courses is USD$500, for details please check this weblink.

Living Costs

The following are the approximate costs involved in a semester-long stay (5-month period):

  • Furnished Apartment: USD 3500 – USD 3700
  • Student Residency: USD 1900 – USD 2500
  • Host family (all expenses included): USD 2500 – USD 3000
  • Food (made at home): USD 3000 – USD 3200
  • Transportation (Santiago only): USD 1250 – USD 1500
  • Academic expenses (books, photocopies, study materials, etc.): USD 500 – USD 700
  • Personal expenses: from USD 1200

NOTE:  The University does not have any type of student dormitories or residencies nor coordinates housing for international students. However, UC recommends some housing alternatives student should have in mind. They can be found in the HOUSING webpage.