Inbound Mobility contact information

Inbound Mobility contact information for international students:

The Mobility Coordination staff will guide you through the mobility application process to spend one semester or a full year doing mobility at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. 

Regional contact information

Caterina Labrin, Mobility Officer for Latin America, Spain and Portugal,

Javier Lois, Mobility Officer for Asia and Oceania, 

Pía Mendiburu, Mobility Officer for Europe, Mid East and Africa,

Patricia Uribe, Mobility Officer for Canada, United States, Ireland, Puerto Rico and United Kingdom, 


Student and Scholars services contact information:

After you have been officially accepted to do mobility at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, the Scholar and student services coordination will guide you through all the pre arrival and post arrival activities.  

Contact information

Julio Gulin, Student and Scholars services coordinator,

Belén Saavedra, Student and Scholars services officer,