Catholic Universities in Chile

This agreement gives the opportunity to 10 third or four-year students from Catholic universities in Chile to spend a full semester at UC. Accepted students are exempt from paying the tuition fees.



General information about the program and the application process

  • The application is institutional. That is to say, the student must be pre-selected by his/her home university. 
  • Each university can propose the name of two applicants per semester. The student’s academic performance must be located within the highest 20% of the student’s generation.
  • There are 5 spots per semester for applicants enrolled at any of the Catholic Universities in Chile.
  • The program only covers the tuition fees corresponding to one semester.
  • The transportation and housing costs must be covered by the student.The application process is completed once the applicant fulfills all the requirements established in the Exchange Program Application Process.


Restricted Programs of Study

  1. Music: only theoretical courses available
  2. Health areas: Medicine: Only some theoretical courses within the areas of public health and clinical rotations. Odontology closed; Nursing open only for specific agreements; Health Sciences (Nutrition, Phonoaudiology and Kinesiology) are closed for practical courses or internships and open for regular courses only on a case by case evaluation.
  3. Economics and Management Sciences: courses available only to students who fulfill the courses requirements.
  4. Psychology courses: available only to second to fourth-year students.
  5. Biological Sciences: Marine Biology courses are not available.
  6. Art courses: Art courses are only available to students who come from Arts-related programs. Students insterested in taking "Taller" or workshop courses at UC Art School must know that the materials needed for some Art classes must be purchased directly by the students and that the average expense may be $100.000 to $150.000 (CLP) for each course.
  7. Architecture: Due to limit capacity in the courses, the school only offers 25 spots for all candidates interested in applying to the School of Architecture. The school will carefully select the best 25 candidates based on their academic records and portfolio. Applicants must upload a 2 letter-size summarized portfolio in PDF format. The only available courses for exchange students are: “Taller de Proyectos” (for 1st to 3rd-year students) / “Ejercitacion” (for 4th to 5th-year students) / Elementary courses and “OPR” electives (2 max.). The following courses are NOT available to exchange students: “Aulas de Título” (Final Project) / “Taller de Investigación”, “Práctica de Obras” and “Práctica Profesional”. The materials needed for some Architecture classes must be purchased directly by the students.The School of Architecture reserves the right to refuse admission
  8. Sports Courses: students must bring their own equipment according to the sport of their choosing
  9. Performing Arts:students who are interested registering for practical courses at the school of Performing Arts must attach a personal video showing a scene and a monologue in Spanish.

Chilean Catholic Universities that are part of this Agreement

  • Universidad Católica del Norte
  • Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso
  • Universidad Alberto Hurtado
  • Universidad Católica Raúl Silva Henríquez
  • Universidad Católica del Maule
  • Universidad Católica de la Santísima Concepción
  • Universidad Católica de Temuco