Research Internship

If your interest is focused on research, UC Chile gives the opportunity to international undergraduate and graduate students to do Research Internships led by a professor whose academic field moves within the parameters of the student’s research area.

In order to be able to process your research internship application, you will need to apply at least three months ahead of your planned start date. 

Please also consider that during the month of February most of UC Chile departments are closed for summer vacations.


  • Tutor professor
  • Free access to UC Chile Libraries
  • Access to computer labs and a UC Chile email account

Fees (remote or in person format)

  • Regular students from UC Chile partner institutions won't need to pay any fees. 
  • Regular students form non partner institutions will have to pay fees (USD 120).

Research internships remote format

Foreign students may also apply to do a remote format research internship, for this you need to follow the steps below. 

How to apply for a research internship (in person or remote format)?

  • Fill in the online application form
  • Upload an official Certificate of approved courses from the Home University
  • Upload a brief description of the project (2-pages maximum)
  • Upload a letter from the Home University that certifies the applicant is a full-time student and supports the applicant as a prospective Research Intern at UC.
  • Upload the ID page of your passport.

As soon as the documents are uploaded in our server, we will process the application with the respective Academic Units which may confirm the availability of a tutor professor for the applicant.

Foreign students who have been accepted to do a research internship at UC Chile must obtain, before coming to Chile, a full coverage international health insurance for the whole period of their stay at UC Chile and a student visa depending on the duration of their stay at UC Chile and their countries of origin.

Important:   Students enrolled at UC Chile as part of a Research Internship program will not receive credits for their Internships.