Extra Curricular Activities

UC offers different extracurricular activities for any international student interested in taking them. You can check the different alternatives below.

Tandem UC

Tandem UC is a program that functions as a link between international students and Chilean students who are interested in practicing a language other than their mother tongue. The idea is to practice a language through conversation and at the same time strengthen the cultural inclusion between Chilean and international students.
If you are interested in being part of this program, please visit the Tandem UC webpage.

Volunteering Activities

If you are interested in doing volunteering work during your exchange semester, you can join any of the organizations or projects that promote social interaction.
You can check the list of volunteering activities available at UC on the Accion Social webpage here.

Comision de Acogida UC

CAUC is a non-profit organization whose main goal is to expedite the integration of international students in UC and in Chile. Through the organization of several different cultural and recreational activities, international students will be able to interact with other students from UC, Santiago and Chile. Check the CAUC webpage here to get more information on the program.

Extracurricular Workshops

If you are interested in participating in activities that could help you improve your skills, meet people that share the same interests as you and have a great time, then we invite you to sign up on any of the Extracurricular or Sport Workshops offered by the Student Affair Office (DAE) each semester. For detailed information on each workshop and their registration processes, please check this weblink.