Spanish Courses

UC offers Spanish Courses for international Exchange students enrolled at UC. Depending on the program, the following is the list of courses available:


Costs 2022

Course N° of HoursCreditsCost      N° of Students per course 
LET122P Spanish as Foreign language intermediate level B1 Semester course  40 Hours  10 USD$600 10 Min; 20 Max
LET123P Spanish as Foreign language Upper-intermediate level B2 Semester course  40 Hours  10 USD$600 10 Min; 20 Max
LET124P Spanish as Foreign language Advanced level C1 Semester course  40 Hours  10 USD$600 10 Min; 20 Max

Intensive Spanish Course

It takes place in February and July only if there is a minimum of 10 students interested in taking the course. It is a three-week long course, it starts during the first or second week of February or July and it is held at Campus San Joaquin.

In case you are already accepted at the Exchange or Study Abroad Program and are interested in taking an intensive Spanish course before the beginning of the semester, please send an email to  


Course N° of HoursCreditsCourse ModeCost      N° of Students per course 
LET132P Spanish as Foreign Language Intermediate (B1)  60 Hours  15 Online USD$750 10 Min; 12 Max
LET133P Spanish as Foreign language Upper-Intermediate (B2)  60 Hours  15 Online USD$750 10 Min; 12 Max

One-Semester Courses

To take a one-semester Spanish Course, first you need to take a Placement Test to check your actual level of Spanish.

Second Semester 2022 UC (August to December)

    • Diagnostic Test: one week before the start date of the course
    • Start: Tuesday, August 9th 2022
    • Finish: Tuesday, December 6th 2022
    • Class Shedule: Tuesday and Thursday, 3:30 to 4:50 pm.
    • Classes in person 


About the Courses

LET122P Spanish as foreign language Intermediate level B1

LET123P Spanish as foreign language Upper Intermediate level B2

LET124P Spanish as foreign language Advanced level C1 

Customized courses

These types of courses are designed by request of external institutions, both in format and content, and provide the tools required to cover the communicational needs of international students or professionals working in Chile.

 If you are interested in taking this course, please send an email to