International Agreements

Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile has a wide number of international agreements in countries spread over the five continents which allow the community to participate in different activities of interest such as exchange, short stays, research collaboration, among others.

Through the International Affairs Office, the University analyzes the current opportunities offered to the community, given by these agreements, and put a lot of efforts to promote them and diversify them, but also defines new potential partners to develop new options of internationalization according to today needs and interests of professors, staff and students.

With all the above mentioned, UC has agreements for the exchange of students, faculty, and staff, for cooperation in teaching and research, for double degree programs, among others.

Click on the PDF file to see the full list of Agreements up-to-date.

Exchange Agreements 

Cooperation Agreements

Unilateral Agreements

Double Degree Agreements

Master of Business Administration (MBA)