Foreign Professors

Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile currently acts as a host university for foreign professors from all over the world. These foreign professors can become part of the UC Community in two different ways: by formally working as a UC professor or by doing short-term internships that would promote the development of several different activities such as the participation in seminars and workshops as well as activities related to teaching and research, among others.

Prospective Full-Time UC Professor

UC Foreign full-time UC professors constitute 7% of the university’s professor network. This is very important for UC because one of its internationalization goals is to offer our community classrooms more diverse and intercultural to enrich the teaching and learning process.

Visiting Professor

For the past 15 years, UC has welcomed more than 200 visiting professors that come to UC as part of short-term internship programs. These visiting professors come from all over the world and participate in several activities such as the ones mentioned above.