Presentations in International Conferences


This fund aims to support oral presentation of paper works as guest lecturer in international conferences abroad, that are relevant for the discipline represented. This fund includes conferences, workshops, symposium, meetings, festivals or other international events.


Partial payment to participate in the conference, if applicable:

Flight tickets plus allowance for a max. total of $700.000, according the region of destination. In the case of South America, the amount of flight tickets and allowance should not excede $500.000. For the purpose of this benefit, only the number of days of extension of the activity will be considered. 

Additional allocation of $100.000 for national transportation, for UC professors from Campus Villarrica. 

Registration fee for a max. of $200.000, if applicable.


This fund is available for UC faculty members only, so if you have interest in having a guest lecturer from our University, you can get in touch with the professor directly and he or she can apply for this fund in order to participate in the international event.

Important dates

This fund has 4 different calls during the academic year. 

More information

Directly in the fund website from the Vice Presidency for Research, and/or by email to The information is available in Spanish since it is directed to UC faculty members.